Saturday, November 10, 2012

See the Carneval

MadPea Productions, the folks behind Sanity Falls earlier this year, have a new attraction: the Carneval, which they describe as a "thrilling and killing funhouse." The description continues:
The stale smell of the air and the nearly tangible sensation of despair will make you want to turn back before even entering. 
Your throat feels tight and eyes are watering, trying their best to adjust to the dustiness. Deep inside you know already that death lurks around here, yet you're mesmerized and unable to run away. The calls of dancing souls have captured your mind and you feel the sudden urge to dive in to unite with them. What you don't realize is that, I am and you are, one of them already. 
Full of frights and cloaked in shadows, the Carneval stands still, frozen in time. There are whispers and scaretales of its frightening adventures, haunted rides and unparalleled mysteries. Those who seek adventure are encouraged to step right up and prepare for an experience that will leave you begging for more. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Madness.
I approached the Carneval with some anxiety, having read about its Halloween opening from Miss Inara Pey. I was not alone: a number of people were standing idly around the landing point, and over 30 were in the sim.

Madpea Carneval 11 5 12 001
The inviting entrance

I wandered the midway, stopping at various attractions. I entered the fortune teller's area. She recited, "A handsome, mysterious stranger will enter your life this month. Kill him before he kills you." Now that's advice one wants to know ahead of time!

Madpea Carneval 11 5 12 002
The fortune teller's booth

The fog-shrouded rides, like the midway games, are macabre and unsettling. The carousel has no animals; instead, riders hang from a meat hook.

Madpea Carneval 11 5 12 003
The carousel

Below the surface, in an abandoned mine, is a racing game where one sits in a mine tram and pilots it around the twisty course.

Another puzzle involves a 1970s-decorated room - one needs to assemble the clues to find a way out!

Madpea Carneval 11 5 12 004
Another ride

Madpea Carneval 11 5 12 005
The roller coaster and Ferris wheel

I have yet to explore the entire area, but what I've seen so far is creepy and oddly disturbing. (Plus, there are rides!) Well worth a visit.

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