Monday, August 31, 2009

Evil Party at the Obolensky Observatory

Without sorrow there can be no joy; without darkness there can be no day; and without evil there can be no good.

Well, that's the theory, at any rate.

Radio Riel held an Evil Party in Doctor Obolensky's observatory in New Babbage's Vernian Sea. As the Doctor is still missing and presumed dead, one can only suppose he wasn't using the space. (There was, however, a tiny chap that looked suspiciously like...nah, couldn't be.)

Because of other commitments, I did not arrive until the party was in full swing. (And my apologies for fuzzy pictures with gray spots - the sim held over 55 people while I was there, and my guess was that things would fully rez around the time of the heat death of the universe. At any rate, longer than I had.) Who knew evil was so attractive?

Mr. Pearse manned the sound booth...

...someone most certainly not Duchess Gabi bathed in her undergarments in a large martini glass...

...while others continued their revelry.

Downstairs, a game of Twenty Questions was underway. I left before seeing how many layers of clothing were discarded during the course of the game.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Primgraph Building

Having completely forgotten about the Primgraph's garden party today, I thought I would make amends with a few photographs from earlier in the week at the Primgraph's site in Glengarry, built by Mr. Edward Pearse

Above, the imposing entrance, with Steam Sky City rising in the background.

Some of the roses entered into the rose contest, along with the prizes.

Inside, the staff offices are luxuriously appointed.

I relax in a small room. At first, I was delighted to see what I thought was a Clockwork Bear, but it turned out to be merely a polar bear, stuffed, with a clock mounted on him. He made good company, however.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Visit the Pub

More precisely, I visit Capt. Red's Revenge Pub in Babbage's Wheatstone Waterways, owned and operated by the redoubtable Miss Cap'n. Red Llewellyn.

One's first impression is that the pub, build on the ruins of a factory that recently met its demise, is warm and welcom...wait a moment, is that an enormous eye staring at me? A little unnerving, that. All right, never mind, let's continue in.

The pub is warm and welcoming. I sat at the bar and sipped an absinthe.

The second floor (not pictured) provides ample dancing space, as well as additional tables and chair. Above that, however, is a widow's walk that provides a bird's eye view of the town.

If you happen to be in New Babbage anywhere in the vicinity of Wheatstone Waterways, be certain to drop into Red's Revenge and sip your favorite adult beverage. Perhaps next time I'm there, Mine Hostess will be there as well, and we can swap tall tales absolutely true stories.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Arts Come to Caledon Downs

A new arrival in my little corner of Caledon - the Downs - is a ballet studio. Housed in a brick building near the airfield, the owner holds out the possibility of performances in the future.

The building also houses a branch of Glengarry Pottery, one of Mr. Peter Veliz's many enterprises. (Somewhat oddly, there is actually a Glengarry Pottery just across the Glengarry border from Downs. C'est la vie.)

So there you have it: ballet and pottery, one stop shopping.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rothesay Revisited

Time for another peek at Caledon Rothesay, where the turnover has been such that one might think being a Duke or Duchess isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Be that as it may, Rothesay has never looked lovelier. Miss Eleanor Anderton has erected a light blue manor house, dubbed "Rosehill Cottage," along with a garden maze and rose garden, in the northwest corner of Rothesay.

Above Miss Anderton's estate is an Outer Space Fantasy, allowing for relaxation, admiration, and perhaps a nice cup of tea.

In the southwest corner lies the Duchy of Downe, Miss Anna Darwinian's estate. She notes: "Downe House in Kent was the family home of Charles Darwin." The heavily-gabled stone house is stunning, and lies next to a small pond with fountains and, it seems a family of ducks.

Moving to the northeast corner, we find Brideswell Manor, the home of Mr. Elrik Merlin, Laird Brideswell. Mr. Merlin has the distinction of being the last remaining original owner in Rothesay. The airship moored over the estate provides an unmistakable landmark. (Rumor has it that, while the tunnel that once connected Brideswell Manor to the Duke of Argylle's estate is no longer open, a tunnel connects Brideswell Manor to Victoria City.)

Finally, moving back to the northeast corner, we find Catnip Folly, home to Miss Kiralette Kelley. This lovely house with green siding is nestled between shrubs and old-growth trees.

Nearby, a pond and a bench provide a place to relax. Near the sea is a fishing pier, for those who enjoy that form of recreation.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tableau - Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Tableau is a taste of the bayou. Not the tourist-friendly environs of the French Quarter in New Orleans - no, sugar, this is the swampy, alligator-infested, mosquito-swarming, voodoo-haunted bayou, where Marie Laveau might be waiting around the corner to take your soul, where a zombie is not simply a drink ordered by college boys trying to see who can hold his liquor the longest.

But let's not allow all of that to keep us from having a good time, okay?
The entire sim is bathed in bright, fluorescent colors (cue Rilo Kiley's "Under the Blacklight" here) - some may say garish colors, but those are just Yankees talking.

The slower pace lends itself to sitting under the occasional tree and having a brief nap.

The Cafe Croc lives up to its name: the entrance is the mouth to a large purple crocodile. Or alligator. No doubt an expert could tell which it is, but the distinction is fairly unimportant because (a) both can eat you and (b) after several bourbons, even the experts can't tell the difference any longer.

Inside the Cafe Croc is a performance stage that has remained unchanged since the forties.

Even the flowers shimmer at night.

Of course, as this is the bayou, buildings - especially old mansions - tend to be haunted.

No town would be complete without a graveyard - with above-ground crypts, reflecting the high water table. These are also brightly colored, as no one would want the dead to have to forego the good times that their living counterparts are having.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Psaltery-Whybrow Reception

After the reception, the happy couple and their guests moved down the street to the Psaltery-Whybrow estate - now converted into a reception pavilion. The archway of flowers welcomed the guests, as did the ample table covered with food and drink.

I enjoy a glass of champagne, while, in the background, Miss Lowey and Baron Wulfenbach stand soberly.

The Whybrows enjoy their first dance as a married couple.

Their Graces Middlesea (foreground), Mr. Viking and Miss Darwinian, and Mr. and Mr. Miles-Despres dance.

Mr. Nix Sands arrives.

I had the pleasure of a dance with the charming groom.

Mrs. Whybrow and Mr. Sands dance while Mr. Whybrow escorts Miss Widdershins across the lawn.
A happy moment in Caledon indeed!

Psaltery-Whybrow Wedding

On Saturday, Miss Garnet Psaltery married Mr. Alastair Whybrow in an elegant ceremony at St. Hilda' s church in SouthEnd. Organist Miss Lorelei Saintlouis provided lovely music before the service, which was performed by Deacon Miss Anna Darwinian.

Mr. Blunt Fhang on a pony at the side entrance to St. Hilda's.

St. Hilda's church as Miss Annachen Lowey arrives.

The bride, lovely in white, awaits her cue.

The tinies section. Front row: Miss Sheryl Skytower, Miss Hibrida Easterling; back row: Miss Audrey Fotherington, M. Tzaizqun Belgar.

Front row: Mr. Roberto Viking. Middle: Miss Saffia Widdershins. Back: Miss Bamika Easterman, Mr. Jameson Miles-Despres, Mr. Jeyleden Miles-Despres.

Front: Miss Rhianon Jameson. Middle: Miss Magdalena Kamenev. Back: Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, Miss Annachen Lowey.

Miss Psaltery makes her entrance.

Mr. Whybrow greets his bride-to-be near the altar, as Miss Anna Darwinian waits to start the service.

Miss Darwinian leads the service.

The Duke and Duchess of Middlesea, Mr. Wrath Constantine and Miss Aevalle Galacia, join me.

Miss Psaltery and Mr. Whybrow exchange glances.

Kneeling at the altar, the couple exchange vows.

I enjoyed the slight alterations to the traditional vows: "in sickness and in lag and in health," and "keeping unto no others as long as we both shall rez."
"You may kiss the bride."

"Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Alastair Whybrow!"

The couple embrace.

The Whybrows pose with Miss Darwinian and Mr. Fhang.

And then - on to the reception! Because of the picture-heavy nature of this event, I have broken it into two entries. The second will follow shortly.