Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Aether Salon - Who!

December's Aether Salon brought Mr. Vic Mornington to discuss Doctor Who roleplay in Second Life.

In a first for the Salon, Mr. Mornington said his piece in Voice, which worked very well to keep the narrative moving along - I hope some future speakers choose this option.

He noted that several thousand people are SL Doctor Who roleplayers, a startlingly high number, with a variety of TARDIS interiors and exteriors.

Aether Salon  Who 001
Mr. Mornington displays a picture of a Steampunk TARDIS console.

Aether Salon  Who 002
A low-prim TARDIS console.

Aether Salon  Who 003
Some of the 40-plus Salonistas gathered.

Aether Salon  Who 004
The traditional police box TARDIS.

Aether Salon  Who 005
I bundle up against the cold.

 A fascinating and very different talk from one of the fixtures of New Babbage.

As always, the full talk will be available at the Aether Salon's aetheric site.

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