Thursday, January 24, 2013

Changes in the Steamlands

Via Mr. Danko Whitfield, news comes about two corners of the Steamlands.

First, "the Armada Breakaway sim will close at the end of the month," a sad piece of news.

Second, the original Steelhead sim will close - albeit temporarily. Writes Mr. Whitfield:
It turns out that of the seven-region Steelhead estate, this one sim belongs to its first owner, Kattryn Severine, while the other six belong to TotalLunar Eclipse who runs the entire Steelhead estate with his wife, Tensai Hilra. Severine has gone AWOL. Her avatar has not logged into SL since May of 2011 and, according to the announcement today from Lunar, Severine has stopped paying Linden Lab for the sim. 
But the good news is that Lunar and Tensai are shopping for another sim to replace Steelhead’s prime region and will rebuild it, keeping the seven-region estate intact under one owner.

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