Friday, March 22, 2013

Aether Salon - Kinder!

For this month's Salon, two young people, Master Jimmy Branagh of New Babbage and Miss Zaida Gearbox of Steelhead, presented their experiences as children in the Steamlands.

Aether Salon  Kinder 001

Aether Salon  Kinder 002
Jimmy Branagh

Aether Salon  Kinder 003
Zaida Gearbox

While the urchin culture in Babbage is somewhat grittier than that of the scamps in Steelhead, Jimmy observed that the urchins have become tamer over the years. He wondered whether this was entirely a good thing.

Aether Salon  Kinder 004

The crowd, as can be seen in the pictures, included many young people, though adults were also well-represented.

Aether Salon  Kinder 005

The presentations elicited a number of questions from the audience, along with predictable jeers from some of the young people in the crowd. Poor Miss Zaida, in particular, came under some criticism from one of her young friends for dressing nicely. This correspondent observes that she looked like a young lady, and found that quite refreshing.

Aether Salon  Kinder 006

The complete transcript may be found at the Aether Salon's aetheric presence.

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