Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flying the Black Kite

Black Kite is a private sim open to the public, below 100 meters, at least, and excluding the owner's house. It's a very atmospheric place, filled with shimmering green and blue hues and plenty of places to sit and chat.*

The telehub takes visitors to a welcome sign and a weathered bench.

Black Kite 4 1 13 001

The island has a number of houses and rooms, including this one, with musical equipment.

Black Kite 4 1 13 002

Below, a house surrounded by ships in bottles.

Black Kite 4 1 13 003

Black Kite 4 1 13 004

The bunny looks hungry. Can he come in?

Black Kite 4 1 13 005

Black Kite 4 1 13 006

*As it's not an Adult-rated sim, sit and chat are the operative words.

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