Monday, May 6, 2013

State of Decay 2

Inspired once again by Honour McMillan's travels, I paid a visit to Virtual Decay, a town that, as the name suggests, has seen better days.

Virtual Decay 04 29 13 001

The buildings have an authentic air of abandonment about them. More frightening are the abandoned cars, some with headlights still on, as though their occupants had only recently left their vehicles - or were forced to do so.

Virtual Decay 04 29 13 002

This is the part of town you don't walk alone, the part where you hope your car does not die. Keep rolling down the cracked streets, past the broken windows and boarded-up doors, and you may still be okay, you may still arrive home that night.

Virtual Decay 04 29 13 003

Should you need to pull into a service station, however - perhaps the battery has died, or perhaps you're just out of gasoline - God help you.

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