Friday, June 28, 2013

Second Life Turns 10

I didn't spend a great deal of time at SL10B for a number of reasons. (Not the least of which was: I had one hell of a busy week at the office.) I'm not a huge fan of these events, wherein too many avatars pack into too small a space, creating monstrous lag, and inducing those in charge to attempt to manage the lag by shaming visitors into removing prims, AOs, scripts, and anything else that creates lag. If I have to show up as Ruth, perhaps your event isn't exactly the immersive hug-fest that you've advertised it as.

At any rate, I did pop in on two different days, once for a quick look around and the second to see a few specific builds. One was Loki Eliot's build for Escapades Island.

SL10B Loki Eliot 001

A gigantic green dinosaur with a pink bunny, a medieval village, and a creature wearing boxing gloves fit in with Loki's sense of whimsy. I didn't take the HUD, so I don't know what other goodies were in store for those who did, but it was a fun build.

SL10B Loki Eliot 002

SL10B Loki Eliot 003

Nearby was the build for Single-Frame Stories, by Whiskey Monday and Botgirl Questi. They post a weekly topic, and contributors make a single picture on the topic.

SL10B Single Frame Stories 001

Lots of great pictures - some very evocative, some I don't understand, but hey, that's life.

SL10B Single Frame Stories 002

SL10B Single Frame Stories 003

I also hit up Crap Mariner's Shatoetry build. William Shatner, in an effort to expand his empire, has an iOS app with him speaking various words. Users create phrases and sentences and the app "speaks" them in Shatner's voice. Crap has been creating Shatoetry for some time now. For SL10B, he invited people to create Second Life-themed Shatoetry, which he collected for the build. (I submitted one some time ago, but I don't know what happened to it. No doubt I screwed up an instruction.) [Edit 6/28: I apparently lost my ability to read text, because there it was. Ah well.]

SL10B Shatoetry 001

SL10B Shatoetry 002

SL10B Shatoetry 003

Finally, next to Crap's build was the Corn Field, the legendary "time out" zone for punishing naughty avatars. While the original was cut off from the rest of the grid, this one was just a short walk away.

SL10B Shatoetry 004

The boredom! The boredom! Fortunately, there's television:

SL10B Shatoetry 005

Unfortunately, it shows nothing but a test pattern.


Mr. Crap Mariner said...

Strange... yours is in there as #147

I'll doublecheck tonight.


Rhianon Jameson said...

I think we now know the explanation: I have old, tired eyes and didn't see it in the list. As usual, operator error. :)