Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lending a Hand

Whiskey Monday, one of SL’s most intriguing artists, has been awarded a grant from the Linden Endowment for the Arts - essentially, the use of a sim for six months. What’s it about? Well, as Whiskey explains,
My project at this LEA sim will be creating a series of 3D settings meant to be used to create 2D art. There will be lots of them, and they’ll be tiny and huge and everything in between. I’ll set these up one at a time, and they’ll each stay up an indeterminate amount of time. Some may stay up for a day, others for two weeks, and others mere hours. I plan to announce when a new set is rezzed, but I won’t give any warning before deleting it.\ 
While these sets are up, my hope is that others will come use them to take their own photos. With no direction from me, folks can come find their own angles and windlights and stories to tell using the sets. Each photographer will offer a unique perspective, no two photos will be exactly the same. 
There’ll be a Flickr group for sharing shots, and in the last month of the exhibit, I’ll have an inworld gallery at the sim to show them off, as well. My hope is that folks who don’t normally see themselves as photographers might be inspired to take a shot or ten, and those who are seasoned artists might come explore, too.
But before the projects are finished, she’s looking for a little help. In her words:
My LEA Sim project is titled Nothing Endures But Change. If you’d like to review my actual vague project plans, they’re here. But the bottom line is, instead of creating one large, immersive build, I intend to build dozens of smaller builds to be used as photo sets over the next several months. My hope is that other folks will be inspired to come create their own 2D images of my 3D builds. My goal is to have a massive body of 2D work created by others to show off at the end. 
And so, I need a hand. Or twelve. I need props and I need full perm poses, chiefly.
High above the ground on LEA10, where the exhibit will be, is a very large outstretched hand, and on that hand is a tip jar for funds for the project, should you be inclined to donate.

Lending a hand 001

And if you’re looking for some of Whiskey’s work in the meanwhile, there’s an exhibit at Lauk’s Nest Across the Road (look for the Pure Whiskey gallery on one of the higher floors):

Lending a hand 002
I’m going to do my best to look into her exhibit as time permits.

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