Wednesday, September 16, 2015


On Tuesday, I had a disturbing experience on the Metro. At the Bethesda station, a pretty young thing got on and took a seat. A few stops later, a stocky young man got on, carrying a plastic beverage cup and some food in a wrapper (eating and drinking are prohibited on Metro, but some passengers choose to ignore this, apparently feeling that rules are for little people). I didn’t think of either of them until Rockville, the penultimate stop. The guy was standing in front of me as I started to pack up, and I soon realized why: he was staring directly at the girl from about three feet away. For the next few minutes, he changed positions several times but never stopped staring. Eventually, halfway to Shady Grove, the girl became sufficiently disturbed that she moved halfway down the train car and took another seat. The guy waited a few seconds and then followed her, deliberately “tripping” on her foot before taking up another position to start staring again.

Even though I wasn’t directly involved in this little episode, I was creeped out. I can only imagine how the young lady felt. She left the train with a female Metro employee, so I felt confident that she was in no immediate danger. Afterward, I regretted not having the presence of mind to use my phone camera to take a picture of the perp.

By the way, this wasn’t some 2 a.m. run: the whole incident occurred right around 4 p.m.

Hell is indeed other people.


Kirasha Urqhart said...

Incidents like this are exactly why I have multiple routes home, never taking the exact same one twice in the same week, varying buses and trains, switching up the stops and the times I get on where. I've had guys follow me just like, some trying to start up conversations. Getting off the train at a stop that isn't my usual and making a beeline for the Sheriff's Deputies with their nice flak jackets and M4s is the best deterrent.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Egad! I'm sorry to hear that - having to worry about getting home is no way to have to commute. I lead a sheltered life, I suppose. Your precautions make a great deal of sense, although in a saner world you wouldn't have to do that. I should count myself lucky that my experience the other day was unique.