Thursday, March 22, 2012

Aether Salon - Virtuosity!

On March 18, the Aether Salon gathered to listen to Mr. Steadman Kondor discuss his evolution as a creator in Second Life. Though starting as a publisher (a profession he continues to this day), Mr. Kondor moved into the area of the visual arts. He discussed some of his projects, including several that he has exhibited in that realm of tears sometimes known as Real Life, and explained some of the tools he uses, including something called the Shop of Photos (or a name near enough to that - my notes are a bit messy at this point).

Apologies for the odd appearance of some of the daguerrotypes below. I wish I could blame the camera for being out of focus, but I fear the new viewer I was using was having difficulties rezzing textures. As the saying goes, it's not you, it's me.

Aether Salon  Virtuosity 001

Mr. Kondor

Aether Salon  Virtuosity 002

A display of a selection of Mr. Kondor's works

Aether Salon  Virtuosity 003

Miss Darlingmonster Ember and Miss Solace Fairlady

Aether Salon  Virtuosity 004

Miss Sidonie Ancelin, Master Jimmy Branagh, and Miss Bookworm Hienrichs; way in the background stands Mr. Liam Bean

Aether Salon  Virtuosity 005


Aether Salon  Virtuosity 007

Miss Stereo Nacht and Mr. MacKnight Culdesac, nearby an elaborate tea service

Aether Salon  Virtuosity 008

Our host, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, sternly watching the crowd to stop any antics in their tracks

Aether Salon  Virtuosity 009

Mr. Vernden Jervil

Aether Salon  Virtuosity 010

Clockwinder Tenk.

A transcript of Mr. Kondor's talk will soon be (or likely already is) available at the Aether Salon's aetheric presence.

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