Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting There

Warning: boring medical update follows.

I'm still working through my shoulder and neck problems. I think I'm 80-90% back to normal, whatever that is, but progress is slow.

I made it through two trips - the aforementioned Orlando jaunt and an unexpected trip to Connecticut because of a death in the family - without aggravating the problem, for which I was grateful. I had a bad night in Orlando thanks, I believe, to several days of tense driving over long distances. The even longer drive in Connecticut wasn't as much of a problem, fortunately.

The commute to and from work is one of the tough spots of the day. The combination of 20 minutes of rush-hour driving followed by 40 minutes of Metro train often leaves the muscles tense by the time I get in. Still, even that has been getting easier.

I've largely kept away from Second Life during this time, with the occasional in-world foray to the monthly Civil War discussion or to check deliveries of notecards and such and, of course, to render unto Desmond the things that are Desmond's, to paraphrase a well-known book. Perhaps soon I'll try a longer in-world visit, but that day hasn't yet come.

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