Monday, August 6, 2012

Travelogue: Steam Sky City, Part 1

In my haste to move north through Caledon, I realized I had skipped over my own home of Steam Sky City, as well as its neighbor, Glengarry. Oops. Correcting this oversight, I returned to Aether Isle. Below, the CAT station, facing Chez Jameson:

Steam Sky City 7 30 12 001

Some of Miss Glorf Bulmer's holdings:

Steam Sky City 7 30 12 002

Alas, it appears that Mr. Denver Hax has abandoned several of his properties. Mr. Hax was one of my many interesting neighbors. Miss Samm Florian's Labyrinth and Shop is still doing well, however:

Steam Sky City 7 30 12 003

Also on Aether Isle: the Edison Yacht Club (owned by Miss Sera), Miss Bulmer's Resource Centre, and Miss Magda Haiku's spot, the cleverly-named Magda's Lea.

Across the water is Mr. Hax's Temple of Eris Discordia:

Steam Sky City 7 30 12 004

Dreadnought Isle has taken a hit, losing, among other things, the long-standing pumping station. Alas. In its place is Mr. Fire Broono's lighthouse, dubbed the Light at Oxbridge:

Steam Sky City 7 30 12 005

The lighthouse warns travelers from Oxbridge that the sky city is ahead…and is our next destination.

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