Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Travelogue: Steam Sky City, Part 2

Just as other landowners have left Aether and Dreadnought Isles, the sky city has seen its share of ownership changes as well. Externally, at least, the old girl looks much the same.

Steam Sky City 7 30 12 006

The engines still toil away...

Steam Sky City 7 30 12 007

…keeping the big propellers turning:

Steam Sky City 7 30 12 010

The control room is as impressive as ever (despite the annoying plywood cube floating about):

Steam Sky City 7 30 12 008

The bridge is an  equally-impressive sight:

Steam Sky City 7 30 12 009

Some of the old residents are still aboard, including ZenMondo's Code Poetry & Steamworks, Hax Autonomous Experiments, the Worlds' End Cafe  & Salon and its accompanying gallery, Crimson Pirate's Looter's Emporium, Writer Steam Works/E. Laval/Kheph's Creations, Blue Moon Teahouse and Tea Garden, Miss Bulmer's cafe, Unzipped, Saltair Arts, and others I know I'm forgetting.

At the same time, some new faces are aboard: Piffle (an art gallery), Starspirit Design, Chrono Clothiers, Steam Pink (another art gallery), Art by Starbrook Designs Ltd. (mad scientists like their art, too - the city is chock-full of galleries!), The Eclectic Co., and Sorroman's Solutions. My apologies if I left anyone out!

Let's hope that these good folk will help keep the lights on and the propellers turning in the city. Especially as I'm in the likely landing zone.

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