Thursday, October 25, 2012

Something Wicked This Way Comes

It's getting to that time of year again, when creatures rise from their graves, restless spirits roam the earth, and…and, well, children come to the door demanding candy. In the spirit of the season, Emilly Orr has created a disturbing little build called Sever.

You walk along a path before making your way to a mysterious warehouse.

Sever 10 23 12 001

Don't let the blood at the door disturb you, go on in.

Sever 10 23 12 002

Scattered around the warehouse are pages from something called the "Black Book," describing, among other things, a technique to move between time and across worlds. The warehouse itself is filled with discarded furniture, filing cabinets, industrial drums, scattered papers, and more blood stains.

Sever 10 23 12 003

Arcane symbols are drawn on the walls and appear in the scraps from the book. What do they mean? The warehouse shows signs of recent human habitation, but no one is there now.

Sever 10 23 12 004

As Miss Orr says, the build is less a haunt than a disquieting tableau. She says it is her take on the Slender Man legend. She has certainly succeeded in creating a disturbing space.

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