Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More stories

Another journey to the Chelsea Hotel, where once again Crap Mariner read some microfiction from his collection of 100 word stories. This time we didn't have the audio interference of the week before (not for long, at any rate - the problem was identified) and Crap was in good form.

Hundred Word Stories 9 22 12 001

Hundred Word Stories 9 22 12 002

Hundred Word Stories 9 22 12 003

Unfortunately for Crap, he had a bicycle accident that afternoon. (More than a week ago by the time this posts - I'm getting a tad behind.) I don't know how long that will keep him off his schedule. In any event, I'll have to miss the next few Saturday readings (should they take place) because I'll be out of the country. More on that anon, no doubt.

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