Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SL History

I visited the “History of Second Life” exhibit - part of the Linden Endowment of the Arts program - a while back and forgot to post the picture. The build, by Sniper Siemens, is actually titled “The greatest story ever told… SL History 1999-2015,” and it’s as advertised (well, the history part; I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it replaces the Bible as the greatest story ever told).

SL History 001

The path takes visitors chronologically through important developments in Second Life’s history, starting with the Linden Lab building in San Francisco.

SL History 002

Major events, including advances in the platform, controversial decisions by Linden Lab, and spats among Second Life communities, have written explanations and often a depiction of the event.

SL History 003

SL History 004

SL History 005

Even the Greenies make a return visit.

SL History 006

The exhibit closes May 31.

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