Monday, May 11, 2015

Remembering Soliel Snook

As Caledonians (and former Caledonians, and…) know, long-time resident (and Radio Riel presenter, and creator of gardens, and…)  Miss Soliel Snook passed away in real life on April 23.

Her friend, Miss Gabrielle Riel, has organized a memorial to Miss Snook for tomorrow, May 12, starting at midnight SLT in the Sal Island region, on what would have been her eighth Rezday. What a lovely and thoughtful tribute!

I can’t claim to have known Miss Snook well, but I have chronicled her skills several times in this Journal, from a whimsical garden (way back in 2009!), to Clos Normand, next to her home sim of Giverny (2010), to Caledon’s Highlands (2011).

My prayers go out to her family and friends, both in real life and Second Life.

Highlands 8 11 11 007
Snook’s Garden Center in Caledon Highlands, August 2011

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