Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Highlands Beauty

I had been meaning to pay a visit to Caledon Highlands ever since the Vikings (Mr. Roberto Viking and Mrs. Soliel Snook-Viking) had relocated there. As soon as I stepped foot in the area, walking along the stone path as it began climbing from the lowlands of Caledon II, I realized I should have come earlier.

Highlands 8 11 11 008

An amazing variety of plants was there to greet me, a dizzying array of colors on trees and shrubs, some familiar, some unknown to me. A short distance away was the greenhouse that marked Soliel's Garden Centre.

Highlands 8 11 11 007

Not far away was a covered bridge over a gentle stream.

Highlands 8 11 11 006

Beyond was a white church.

Highlands 8 11 11 005

And what would the Highlands be without the famed Highland Coos? (I dared not get too close!)

Highlands 8 11 11 004

The Vikings have a large manor house, complete with those newfangled horseless carriages.

Highlands 8 11 11 003

There's even a local watering hole, the Dog and Pony Pub!

Highlands 8 11 11 002

And if one needed to leave paradise, what better way than via a leisurely sail aboard a wooden ship?

Highlands 8 11 11 001

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