Sunday, June 13, 2010

Breakfast in Babbage - Western Edition

Another Breakfast in Babbage at the Clarendon, with His Grace, Edward Pearse. Or, as Lord Primbroke was known on Saturday, Tex, as the theme this month was the Western.

Songs about the West, songs from Western movies, even songs by actors in Western movies. Below, Mssrs. Elilka Sieyes and Elina Koskinen as the Watson and Holmes cacti.

I learned that Clint Eastwood can sing...and that Lee Marvin cannot. That was ghastly! Below, the crowd dances.

Ghastly, yes, but not as ghastly as The Legendary Stardust Cowboy. We begged Tex, er, Mr. Pearse to make the noise stop. He relented, only to put on Bon Jovi. It was a considerable improvement. Below, Miss Searra Weatherwax, Miss Bookworm Heinrichs, Miss Sky Netizen, Mr. Charlie Quintessa.

Miss Cyan Rayna was not in a dancing mood.

Our hostess, Miss Dierdre Maven, and Miss Breezy Carver.

Miss Elleon Bergamasco dances with Mr. Quintessa.

I attempt the two-step. The picture above is priceless.

I had to leave the roundup before I found out whether Weird Al made any cowboy songs. If so, I have no doubt they would have found their way into the playlist.


Edward Pearse said...

Nice photos! Yes you missed Weird Al's "Truck Driving Song".

Oh and Cyan Rayna is a Master not a Miss. :-)

Rhianon Jameson said...

Damn! I try so hard to get gender right, too, and still manage to miss about one a month. My apologies to young Mr. Rayna. (And the outfit should have given me a clue. Ah well.)

Too bad I missed Al as well, but lunch then errands beckoned.