Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Eight Wonders of Caledon Contest

Caledon is a sprawling, wonderful place; naturally, Caledon has Wonders. For this year's RFL season, Caledon RFL co-chair Mrs. Fogwoman Gray Volare has solicited nominations for the Eight Wonders of Caledon.

Some nominees were quite familiar to me, such as the Library system, the Cavorite Mines, and Steam Sky City. I had seen others in passing, such as the formidable air kraken, Jewell's Garden Centre in the Moors, the CAT air transport system, or the Iron Cloud in Middlesea. I knew Mr. Excalibur Longstaff's Steamlander news source quite well, with its offices in Steam Sky City and its presence throughout the Aetherwebs. And who could fail to notice Mr. Garth Goode's moustache (indeed, nominated for one of the Wonders)? As the notecard said, the 'stache is located in "Caledon Moors, wandering about and up to No Goode."

Others were less familiar. I have never seen the mysterious village of Brigadoon, which appears but rarely. I had visited the Highlands'Museum of Steam. However, I did not know four of the nominees. This piece discusses three that are near one another.

First, The Haunted Prawn, in Brigadoon. This house, owned by Mr. Starling Alecto, is mysterious and spooky.

It also boasts an oddly erotic-looking boiler in the basement. It's not clear what makes the house Wonderous, but it's a good spot for a haunting.

Next, we travel to Cape Wrath and visit The Clock, an imposing tower visible for quite a distance (Difference Engine permitting, of course). The Clock is even spotlit, for better visibility at night and, naturally, keeps SL time.

This nominee is owned by Mr. Alix Stoanes.

Mr. Stoanes also owns The Fort at Cape Wrath, a mere stone's throw, if I may be permitted the pun, from Winterfell. Interestingly, the fort has a large dance floor but little in the way of armaments or fortifications, which I suppose says something about the dangers Caledon faces. (The gift shop does carry a large quantity of foot lotions, though, for those who dance to excess.)

The full listing of the Nominees for the Eight Wonders of Caledon consists of:

  • The Caledon Library System (throughout Caledon)

  • The SteamLander (offices located in Steam SkyCity, covers all of the Steamlands)

  • The Clock of Wrath (Cape Wrath)

  • The Magic Village of Brigadoon (Brigadoon)

  • The Air Kraken (Duchys of Lovelace, Middlesea, and occasionally Caer Firnas)

  • The Fort (Cape Wrath)

  • Jewell's Garden Centre & Greenhouse (Moors)

  • Iron Cloud (Middlesea)

  • The CAT Airship system (throughout Caledon)

  • Cavorite Mines (Moors)

  • The Haunted Prawn (Brigadoon)

  • Steam SkyCity rebuild (Steam SkyCity)

  • The Caledon Museum of Steam (Highlands)

  • The Caledon Observatory (Highlands)

  • Garth Goode's Moustache (Moors, wandering about and up to No Goode)

(Vote through July 11 at the RFL kiosk at Our Lady of Hope Hospital, Caer Firnas)


Fogwoman Gray said...

Late Breaking news - 5 Additions to the roster as lost notecard is found on body of clerk!
Added: Oxbridge University - Oxbridge, Falcon Tower - Steam SkyCity, Gaiety Theater - Penzance, Morgaine Mountain - Morgaine and the Vicereine's Lionsgate Palace - Duchy of Lionsgate.

Rhianon Jameson said...

How mysterious - and how unfortunate for the poor clerk!

I appreciate the update, though. Although I have yet to fire up the airship and wend my way to Caer Firnas to vote, those additional nominees are all worthy contenders for the title.

Edward Pearse said...

Funny, I was just going to pass a comment saying I found it interesting that some of the surving winners from the original "Eight Wonders of Caledon" competition from 2008 didn't even make the nominations this year. Looks like they must have been on the clerk's list.

Funny how things change.

Rhianon Jameson said...

If I didn't know better, I'd think people could nominate their own builds. :)