Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Now We are Three, and a Visit to InWorldz

My third rezday passed without my noticing (back at the end of November). I don't feel older, and I certainly don't feel wiser. I'll take that back: I do notice that an increasing number of profiles show later rezdays than mine, so I guess I'm getting older relative to the population.

In more interesting news, I finally paid a visit to InWorldz. I had created an account months back but never got around to logging in. The bad news was that I was never able to appear as more than a cloud, despite logging in several times, clearing the cache, and all manner of tricks learned from wrestling with Second Life clients.

And that's the good news, as any Second Life client can also be an InWorldz client. I think I used the Phoenix client, which is already configured to log into InWorldz through a drop-down menu on the start page. I rezzed in a welcome area, looked around, and found two warehouse-like stores with free clothing and accessories for men and women. (The two are separate, so if your virtual faith requires women to shop separately from men, InWorldz has you covered.) The freebies appeared to be the same type of mix as in Second Life: some good stuff, some adequate stuff that will suffice until one obtains money and can shop for something better, and some stuff that is best buried deeply and then sealed with concrete. Although, honestly, everything looks good on a cloud.

I'll try again some day and see if an actual avatar appears, duck walk and all. But the transition from SL to InWorldz seems to be fairly seamless, beyond the big downside of losing years of carefully-accumulated inventory. (A second downside: as Miss Emilly Orr says, "I just can't register for a company who decided to end their corporate name in 'Z'. I just can't." I haven't gone that far, but I feel her language-mangling pain. It's a terrible name.)


Fogwoman Gray said...

I agree the name is cringeworthy, but the people involved are so genuine and nice it is hard to hold it against them :)
I recommend their forums for getting a feel for the place. I was also quite tickled to find so many familiar names there. On the subject of inventory, I recall at least one content creator who will provide IW copies of inventory you own of theirs in SL.

Magdalena Kamenev said...

The cloud happens to us all, it appears. The way to actually force your appearance is merely wear a bald cap. If you're near the newbie help area, one of the mentors should be able to give you one.

Kathy Jameson said...

I'm glad to hear the folks involved are nice...I'll try to get over the name. :) And I've heard of some of the Second Lifers who migrated over, which is nice for the later arrivals like me.

And Miss Kamenev, thank you for that tip - I hadn't heard that before!

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Happy rezday :)

Anonymous said...

A very merry rezday to you M Jameson. Sometimes the best ones are when you don't notice at all.

Kathy Jameson said...

Thank you, Miss Ember and Mr. Antfarm. Not only did I forget about the day, I can't remember what I did, so it must have been a good day indeed!