Friday, February 18, 2011

In the Company of Ladies: The Pearl Club

Our friend, Dr. Tesla Steampunk, has sent us this dispatch about an unusual club:

I am, of course, a confirmed bachelor. My little eccentricities and temperament are such that the quiet life of matrimonial bliss is not for me, nor would I be an unalloyed blessing for a lady.

Nonetheless, even a bachelor enjoys the company of gracious ladies, and I have found that the ladies of the Pearl Club are gracious indeed.

One always receives a warm welcome. The grounds are most charming, from the dance floor,...
...inside the glass and stone conservatory,... the main house itself.

On warm spring and summer days, one may relax with a lady of culture in the garden gazebo, playing a few hands of whist, or perhaps merely enjoying scintillating conversation with a beautiful woman.

Other amenities are available, from the sitting room... rooms where activities other than sitting predominate.

Of course, the Pearl is a gentleman's club, so guests are expected to be gentlemen at all times, whether one is in the company of a lady or merely sitting in quiet contemplation in the garden.

Now, I must get back to the laboratory.

[Note from the Editrix: My goodness! When Dr. Steampunk said he had a small addition to our catalogue of Victorian sites, I never imagined...that is to say, he's so old goodness. Obviously words fail me. - KJ] [Addendum: While the Pearl Club is indeed a gentleman's club, with all that it entails, no eccentric scientists known to me actually enjoyed the company of ladies in the employ of the club. - KJ]


Anonymous said...

Why this is amazing!! I had thought 'the Pearl' lost when Victoriana was removed from the Grid.

The sad matter of the Lindens oopsing perms across and entire town designed by the amazing LittelBlackDucky Lindsay.

(makes some travel notes)

Rhianon Jameson said...

I had thought so, too, Miss E. (Isn't the Pearl the establishment in which our own Duke of Argyll once had an interest? The sources of income for the upper crust never cease to amaze me! :) ) I'm told this incarnation of the club appears to be the same as the one in Victoriana. I would have sworn I had a picture from its earlier location, but it appears to have been lost to the aether.