Sunday, April 22, 2012

Aether Salon - Furries

For the April meeting of the Aether Salon, Mr. Blackberry Harvey held forth on a subject close to his fur: furries.

Aether Salon  Furries 001

Mr. Blackberry Harvey

Mr. Harvey noted that anthropomorphized animals have had a centuries-long tradition in literature, from the Bible (the snake in the Garden of Eden) to folk characters in 17th and 18th century literature, to cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny.

Aether Salon  Furries 002

The talk was lavishly illustrated.

Furries are a natural fit in the Steamlands, he argued, as the sense of created identity and ongoing narrative is strong, while certain…unusual aspects of humanity are tolerated here better than other, more doctrinaire RP areas. He noted that, while acceptance of furries in New Babbage has waxed and waned, residents are generally accepting of those with different appearances.

The audience was a little smaller than usual, with fewer Salon regulars and more furries, as one might expect. One gentleman broke with the usual Salon decorum by suggesting that one reason rabbits, such as Mr. Harvey, were popular characters was that they were quite tasty. Though I can hardly disagree with the statement, it seemed terribly crass for someone to discuss, even indirectly, eating the speaker.

Aether Salon  Furries 003

I stood in the back, hoping exhaustion would not overcome me before the end.

Aether Salon  Furries 004

Miss Tabby, Miss Tali Rosca, Miss Erica Fairywren, and Miss Zanya

Aether Salon  Furries 005

Miss Solace Fairlady and Miss Darlingmonster Ember. Mr. Vic Mornington escaped the picture at the last minute by crashing.

Aether Salon  Furries 006

Miss Ceejay Writer

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