Monday, April 16, 2012

Warren Town - Steampunk Roleplay in the 1860s

Warren Town 001

I made my way to Warren Town, a new RP sim, set in the 1860s.

Warren Town 002

Some background:

It was 1863, on the west coast of England. A small town founded by the Warren family, earns a spot on the map just at the very end of the industrial revolution by their advances in chemistry, astronomy and last but not least, the rubber industry. There was something about the town that has attracted great intellect.

Yet, as the industrial acceleration slowed down, Warren started receiving new visitors from the neighboring towns who came in search of some of the famed prosperity. To the locals dismay, these were not the most lectured of scientists or renowned minds, but gypsies (at times called 'carnies', since they traveled with a carnival circus) and a considerable troupe of burlesque entertainers. While in previous times the locals would have simply hanged them or blatantly expelled them...they were injecting good money into the town and attracting all sorts of tourists.

Things were just starting to heat up.

Warren Town 003

Various roles are advertised as still available to fill:

Warren family members - The eldest family member and head of the house is Baronet Henry Warren who has two siblings: Julian and Anna. A widower, now is juggling to keep the balance between the old order and more traditional part of Warren, with the newcomers (gypsies and burlesquers). Stubborn, strong and resolute are the most marked characteristics of its members.

Rothschild-Pinkerton family members - At the moment we two siblings of these prestigious American families, and one cousin. The Rothschilds of the United States were perhaps one of the most wealthiest families, in 1850 having a net worth of over six billion dollars, theirs was a collective to which few could rival or thwart. Frederick and Georgiana Marie, born of famed tycoon Gregory Rothschild and Wilimena Pinkerton, was in her own way an aristocratic noble.

Gates American family members - The Gates family is one of the older, more distinguished families in New York. In 1863, a small portion of the family decided to try and spread the family fortune to Europe, believing that this was the best way to expand both the family name and the family business. At present, Paul John Gates is the patriarch of the family. In his absence, his eldest son Jackson Anthony Gates, is in charge of day to day family matters and business (The Empiric Electric Co).

Astrology Center Director - A position suited for the fanatics of Steampunk and where to explore this sub-theme fully. The position comes with an observatory near the harbor, and all sort of experiments and odd ventures are encouraged.

Hotel owner - The hotel is one of the most fascinating of our buildings, and it is said that is it haunted. We are looking for a spooky character to run it, and welcome visitors. Someone who will somehow work on the shadows too, knowing everything about who stays there, and using it to his/her advantage. Opportunity exists for espionage and why not, murder. [Why not indeed! - KJ]

School Headmaster/mistress & Priest - A different type of roleplay, not for anyone. These two roles should be filled by people who would enjoy being the ultimate ‘grinch’ as they would be the most affected by the upcoming circus and specially the burlesque theatre –(erected just in front of their buildings). As the congregation and pupils leave the premises, they would run into scantily clad can-can dancers, and smoking, devious men. Ironically, we have named the chapel “St. Mary’s”, as in Queen Mary Queen of Scots, but these institutions respond to the Church of England. Oh English sarcasm, you do us good.

Merchants - We are looking too, to fill the roles of: baker, dressmaker, florist and hashery owner. These merchant roles have a specific small house assigned with the shop on the ground floor. There are also two of these houses empty for any store you may want to come up with. Contact Hilda Bellingshausen if you wish to fill any of there roles.

Warren Town 004

As I wandered the town, there was a "50th anniversary" celebration in progress…with many of the townspeople gathered by the pub.

Warren Town 005

Warren Town 006

Warren Town 009

Warren Town 008

The sanitarium is a fearful place, whether in its heyday or in its current ruined state.

Warren Town 007

Warren Town 010

Warren Town 011

Warren Town is advertised as a fully-immersive RP sim (i.e., all remarks are to be in-character), using paragraph-style play, which is not everyone's cuppa. One nice touch is that there is no HUD, no "Observer" name tag - observers should just be discreet and not interfere with ongoing RP.

We'll have to see what story lines emerge!

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