Monday, April 2, 2012

Travelogue: Templemore

Up from the waters where Caer Firnas once stood is the newest addition to Caledon, dubbed Templemore.

Templemore 3 21 12 001

Miss Elspeth Wooley has constructed a version of Victorian-era Galway City in Ireland. She has some, well, unusual additions, however:

Templemore 3 21 12 002

Inside the city walls are several small houses, some larger buildings, and an old stone church.

Templemore 3 21 12 003

Templemore 3 21 12 004

I thought the name "Templemore" sounded familiar, and indeed much of the land seems to have migrated into the territorial waters of Caledon, whereas it had once been part of the allied state of Magellan.

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