Friday, September 28, 2012

Travelogue: Stella Maris, Numantia, and Numantia Maris

Clustered to the west of the Caledon mainland lie three islands. The first, Caledon Stella Maris, is Lady Patty Poppy's sanctuary.

A small sky city hovers over the land:

Stella Maris 9 13 12 002

High on a tor is a statue of a knight:

Stella Maris 9 13 12 001

The flora are unusual…and a little bubbly:

Stella Maris 9 13 12 003

A house is integrated under the stone bridge:

Stella Maris 9 13 12 004

Next to Stella Maris is the "neighbor and ally" to Caledon, Numantia (along with Numantia Maris), owned by Mr. Wordsmith Jarvinen and Miss Stonehedg Magic. The area is dominated by a castle sited on the highest point of the islands:

Numantia 9 13 12 002

The climate is similar to that in the Mediterranean, and the architecture is inspired by the Celtic Iberian city of the same name that held out against the Romans for several decades before falling after a 13 month siege in 133 B.C.

The terraced landscape provides stunning views:

Numantia 9 13 12 003

Nearer the water, the villas are charming:

Numantia 9 13 12 004

Across the water, in Numantia Maris, lies the airship dock:

Numantia Maris 9 13 12 001

Numantia Maris 9 13 12 002

Does this mean the Numantia bar doesn't serve a drink made with vodka, orange and cranberry juices, and peach schnapps?

Numantia 9 13 12 001

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