Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Miscellany of Pictures

Catching up on a number of photos that, for one reason or another, never made it into a Journal entry.

First, the new RCAF airfield in Penzance:
"New" might be a slight overstatement, as these photos have been lurking for several months in my "to be posted" directory.

The Penzance airfield pictures are absolute children compared to the next three, that date from early March 2008. The mechanical hummingbird fascinated me.
A closeup of the control room:
Standing in front of the observatory is a very early incarnation of sister Kathy:

I wish I had written down what sim this was, but, alas, it's long gone from my memory. Probably long gone as well.

For going out in Steampunk style, there is the Steam Hearse:
Sadly, I no longer recall where I took the picture. Then again, if you need the hearse, you're no longer in a position to much care about what transports you to your final resting spot.

Mr. Denver Hax has a different approach to those damnable breedable bunnies that breed like...well, you know.

Finally, just remember:

Act accordingly.

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