Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekend Events in the Steamlands

This seems to be a busy weekend for the Steamlands.

From Friday through Sunday, Caledon is holding a RFL event entitled, "The Rather UnFairground - Villains' Carnival." Caledon doesn't have nearly enough villainy, so this should fill a sizable need in the community. From the notecard:
The Rather UnFairground
a slightly villainous RFL charity event

Opening april 1st to 3rd explosive ending
in caledon eyre

a dark carnival and your opportunity to enjoy builds and rides and purchase villain supply by some of second life's most wicked creators, e.g.:
martini discovolante
mr vanmoer
madcow cosmos
nix sands
khan omizu
nighty goodspeed
BobE Schism
trashmen hax
cutea benelli
and more.

Also planned:

1-3 pm slt
Dance on the devil's dastardly desk!
Shindig with Martin Ren, formerly of Flashman's,
2pm slt -- During the event--RFL ransom auction ~ Who is it you will you help save?????

Second Day of the UNfairground
buy wonderous things, from amazing makers!
ride! wonder! run!!!!!!

12:30 pm slt
Dance & Auction on the devil's dastardly desk!
Martin Ren, formerly of Flashman's as your host and Auctioneer.
- bid & win auction items from some of the World's Vilest's Villians
- mustache contest (for ladies and gentlemen)
- evil poetry contest (bring yours!)

High above Darkest Kittiwickshire

The UNfairground will be open all day, unless....
Sunday afternoon: an accidental fire might occur at the well-insured UNfairground, Bringing the festivities to a sudden, but impressive close.

I note in passing that social events in Caledon have an alarming propensity to end in calamity.

I have already mentioned the Clockwork Ball in Steeltopia on April 2 (2-4 pm and then again 7-9 pm SLT).

And not as steamy, but potentially of interest, is the 2011 Fantasy Faire - also a RFL event, for those interested - running from April 2 to 10. Several Steamlanders are participating, including Miss Kembri Tomsen, the Curious Seamstress (exhibiting here) and Lassitude & Ennui.

Alas, urgent business will take me far from the Steamlands this weekend, but I wish each of the organizers a most successful event.

As I wrote this, I received word that the Volares will be opening a new sim shortly, near Caledon, and just a tad darker than our genteel community may be used to. As in, potentially fatally darker. I am quite looking forward to that.


Vivito Volare said...

I am sorry to disappoint

Rhianon Jameson said...

Heh. Ah well. While I still think it an excellent idea. And a brilliant April Fool's prank - just the right amount of plausibility to be taken seriously.

(The Cat Brigade bit did give me pause, but not for long.)