Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where All the Fashionable Pirates Live

The Kingdom of Gwent is adjacent to New Barataria, the Steampunk pirate city I happened across recently, and appears to be where many pirates call home.

This house can't decide if it wants to be tethered or free.

Only those in top condition (or with airships of their own) will reach this moored airship:

This somewhat anachronistic residence appears to be no longer standing. (The area is new and in a state of flux.) It's The-Jetsons-meet-Jules-Verne:

Pirates, of course, often lead lives that are nasty, short, and brutish. A cemetery with room to grow is a must (ghost and huge spider optional):


Nov said...

Miss Rhianon,
First a grateful thank you for your post. Miss Jeanie, the genius behind the sim, and I are most thrilled to be included in the wonderful and outstanding Steampunk community. And we hope to learn, take suggestions, and most assuredly want our sim to be regarded as a "must see".
To do that, we look to input form all those who wish to make suggestions.

Your appreciative fan,
Darkstar Rikugun

Rhianon Jameson said...

Mr. Rikugun, thank you for the kind words. I was delighted to experience a new part of the Steamlands. You have a unique theme (and a wonderful backstory for the sim), and I wish you every success.