Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dark Aether Falls, Part 4

The mystery continues to unfold around New Babbage:

Miss Marish Lanfier discovers one of the half-machine, half-creature devices in her yard while Miss Bookworm Hienrichs is stymied in her investigations.

Brother Napoltler meditates and comes to a conclusion regarding weaponry.

Master Gadget Starsider meets Sebastian of Malkuth, who directs Gadget to gather the "men of faith" in Babbage so that Sebastian can talk to them.

Little Tepic Harlequin considers who the old Jimmy (in the robot's ever-growing narrative) could have meant when he told Clockwinder Tenk not to trust "him."

Mr. Orpheus Angkarn has an encounter with one of the machine creatures, causing him to wonder if, unknown to his conscious mind, he could be Jason Moriarty.

Meanwhile, I nosed around, following the trail earlier dispatches from Babbage had indicated. In Moriarty's secret lab, his arcane device was cleaned up and looked as though it was nearly ready to activate - though for what purpose, I could not say.

Dark Aether Falls 002

In a room at the Hotel Excelsior, I discovered an odd chemical smell - and a ghost!

Dark Aether Falls 003

Dark Aether Falls 004

Dark Aether Falls 005

Then, in a graveyard late one night, I encountered one of the machine-creatures:

Dark Aether Falls 006

It was altogether as horrible as others have described, pulsating as though alive, and staring with its single, terrible eye, radiating an unearthly light. It seems clear that these creatures are the progenitors of the things that attack Babbage as the robot describes. Somehow they must be able to be stopped - but how?

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