Saturday, November 12, 2011

Haunted Glengarry

(A belated Halloween post…)

As I ambled through Glengarry, my eyes were drawn to the small cemetery near the water. Indeed, who could resist a sign in a cemetery that reads "Enter at your own risk"? Not I!

Glengarry  Bad Wolf Bay cemetery 001

I found myself in an old house in a long corridor, with doors lining either side. In an effort to find an exit, I tried one door after another. A diabolical laboratory, with an experiment on something human…or something that used to be human…in progress. Nope, not that one. A restless apparition…sorry to bother you, ma'am. Perhaps this door with the strange seal on it. "Eeeeek! Cthulhu!" Not that one either, I guess.

Glengarry  Bad Wolf Bay cemetery 002

The demon attempting to make his way through the wall wasn't helping my concentration, either.

Glengarry  Bad Wolf Bay cemetery 003

Something tells me that a spell has gone terribly wrong in the next room.

Glengarry  Bad Wolf Bay cemetery 004

I had almost reached the end of the corridor when a hole opened beneath my feet and I fell, landing roughly on a stone floor. Nothing seemed to be broken, only bruised, and I started wandering the corridors, looking for a way out. Instead, I found only spiderwebs. Large spiderwebs. Then I found the owner.

Glengarry  Bad Wolf Bay cemetery 005

After escaping the spider, I reasoned that things could only start looking up. Then I found the next chamber. Demons, anyone? Zombies? Fortunately, some kind soul had left an axe on the ground. Sure, it had some sticky blood stains on it, but I couldn't afford to be choosy. I picked up the axe and swung at the nearest creature...

Glengarry  Bad Wolf Bay cemetery 006

…only to find myself back in Glengarry again. Whew!

I learned my lesson: never again enter a mysterious crypt in a cemetery...

…unless well-armed.

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