Monday, November 7, 2011

Fireworks in Babbage

On Saturday afternoon, New Babbage's Mayor Tenk kindly extended an invitation to Caledon to join him in the annual New Babbage fireworks celebration. (Coincidentally, in England, Guy Fawkes Day was being celebrated.)

Master Loki Elliot masterminded the display, held in Babbage Square on the canal just by the Old Imperial Theatre. Master Loki can be seen below on the stairs leading to the canal, as a crowd of spectators gathers on the bridge and along the canal.

Quite clever of Mr. Tenk to have an urchin risk his limbs putting together such a dangerous program. And Babbage seems to have more urchins than they know what to do with.

In any event, the crowd was enthusiastic, waving flags and cheering as the rockets sped toward the skies.
The urchins seemed to prefer the view along the canal to the view on the bridge - or perhaps they were just shy.

The skies of Babbage lit up like the Fourth Guy... well, lit up.

I watched from what seemed to be a safe distance.

The crowd sent up a collective "Oooh" as a strange red, white, and blue flag appeared in the sky.

Too soon it was over, and, after an enthusiastic round of applause for Master Loki, dispersed for the evening.

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