Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dark Aether Falls, Part 5

Poor Jimmy Branagh is weighted down by the predictions of the robot Writer, whose narrative has increased yet again, spiraling the story backward in time.

Mr. Mornington expounds on what a "partial predestined paradox" might be, and why New Babbage is in one at the moment.

Master Gadget makes a discovery with Miss Felisa Fargazer - and a cat!

Brother Scorpio relays news of the meeting between Sebastian of Malkuth and the "men of faith." Master Stormy Stillwater does the same from a somewhat different perspective.

Master Tepic tails a member of the Van Creed society - in a bright green dragon costume!

Mr. Arnold reports on vandalism inside Dagon Hall.

Miss Dagger files a report on a body found in the New Babbage canals.

A ghost explains to Mr. Arnold that he has been diverting some of the Dark Aether out of the city.

Mr. Melnik discovers that the machine creatures can defend themselves.

Sebastian of Malkuth pays a visit to Master Jimmy - and performs a ritual!

As for my investigations, I have found where the Van Creed have been doing their nefarious work, and discovered what may be a connection between the machine creatures and the Eliot Device...yet every answer only leads to more questions.

Dark Aether Falls 11 1 11 004

Dark Aether Falls 11 1 11 002

Jimmy, Mrs. Breezy Carver-Fabre, and Mr. Skusting Dagger discovered a body in the Vernian Sea - charred and with a deadly-looking hole in the skull:

Dark Aether 11 3 11 001

Finally, in Steelhead, young Miss Myrtil Igaly has an encounter with a friend she had thought she would never see again - and gain some insight as to what might be going on in New Babbage.

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