Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Visit the World's Only Robot Sanitorium

Sitting high above the ground, inside the head of the Jetsons' robot, Rosie, stands a Robot Sanitorium. Ever wonder what happens to those robots that are just a little…off? Inside lies the answer.

Robot Sanitorium 002

Of course, one can't simply walk in. Visiting hours are… carry the one, subtract the square root of minus 1,… oh, never mind. Just walk in.

Robot Sanitorium 001

Jar Jar Binks was clearly too much for R2D2 do deal with. Now he has a substance abuse problem - 10W40 - and is no condition to be appearing in more movies. Other celebrity robots reside inside as well, but keep cool - they don't like too much attention.

Robot Sanitorium 003

Be sure to schedule enough time in your visit to have the complete robot experience. Thanks to cutting-edge techniques in surgery and robotics, you, too, can be transformed into a mechanical person, from the starter body...

Robot Sanitorium 004

…to the red-hot finished product.

Robot Sanitorium 005

I did manage to find a good surgeon to return me to my original body, thanks for asking, though I still speak with a somewhat mechanical tone.

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