Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When Zombies Attack

(Hamoa Island… still there, but the build is entirely different. How quickly things change.)

Hamoa Island 007

Hamoa Island 006

I was walking about a creepy little town that seemed oddly empty when I saw a creature shambling across the grass. I decided to take a closer look - after all, what could go wrong?

Hamoa Island 001

I saw another, then another. They appeared to be zombies!

Hamoa Island 002

Of all shapes and sizes, including the god-awful Clown variety. I'm shuddering as I type these words with merely the memory of that thing.

Hamoa Island 003

They noticed me, and some primal instinct in their decomposing little minds drew them toward me. Thank goodness I never travel unarmed! I dispatched several, but for every one I disabled, another would arrive to menace me.

Hamoa Island 004

Soon they had me surrounded. I shot several more, then decided it was time for evasive action.

Hamoa Island 005

I retreated to a deserted old house. The zombies pounded on the door, but the old wood held fast.

Hamoa Island 008

Hmm, okay, perhaps creepy deserted little towns carry their own dangers, and exploring them alone is not the best of ideas.

I discovered the back exit, where no zombies awaited, and ran as fast as I could to the outskirts of town. When I passed the sign that thanked me for coming (and hoped I had a pleasant stay and would come back soon), I paused and caught my breath. I hoped my luck was better in the next town!

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