Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I haven't been updating this Journal much in large part because I haven't been in-world much. Still trying to shake the muscle problems, particularly the neck spasms. I'm hopeful that things are continuing to move in the right direction, but slowly, very slowly. I try to rest things as much as possible and not irritate the area any more than I have to, but it's a little hard to not use your neck and shoulders, eh?

I am flying twice in February, which seems insane. The first time was for pleasure - more on that when I get the photos back - and was at least flying into warmer weather. I figured that a blizzard back at home just meant I had to stay in Florida a day or two longer, which wouldn't have been a great hardship. This time I'm flying north, to Connecticut, for a memorial service, which just happens to be the two days that a winter storm hits New England. The weather forecast suggests that Connecticut will get a little snow, nothing huge, and I'm trusting that they know how to treat and clear roads. The trick is always driving on slippery roads. Perhaps the car rental company will provide me with a sign that says "Warning: Southern driver. Keep clear."

I'm not a huge fan of awards shows, and the Oscars are particularly annoying in their self-serving paeans to movies I have no interest in seeing, but they're a spectacle. I particularly enjoyed Andy Ihnatko's blog entry on the telecast.

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