Saturday, February 18, 2012

You Choose - Choose Wisely

"You Choose" is a clever exhibit from the minds of Ux Has and Romy Nayar, and reminds us that life is a series of choices - not all of which are pleasant.

Visitors start in a valley between two peaks and slosh their way to the robotic fellow below, named Robotitu. The information package also provides a copy of the avatar, a nice touch.

You Choose Exhibit 001

After that, one makes use of various lifts to take a circuitous path to a teleporter...

You Choose Exhibit 005

…where one is faced with a choice of paths to take. Each path requires other choices. For example, clicking on the alarm clock gives a choice of sleeping or waking. Not a tough call, right - who doesn't need an extra snooze?

You Choose Exhibit 006

Except that your dream state might not be a happy one, especially if you're trapped in a room, unable to jump your way out!

You Choose Exhibit 007

Then again, waking is no bed of roses, either, especially when you find yourself a wage slave. Is it 5:00 yet?

You Choose Exhibit 008

Other paths have other adventures. Which path will you choose?

You Choose Exhibit 009

(Via Honour McMillan.)

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