Friday, February 10, 2012

Travelogue: Caer Firnas

Our next stop on the tour of Caledon is the Duchy of Caer Firnas, due south of Kintyre and east of Greystoke.

As the Steampunk Wiki notes:

Originally discovered by ambiant Kukulcan, the island was named Caledon Glamorgan. The resources of the island were quickly tapped to make the island a hub of commercial and technological developement.

For reasons that are not completely understood, the house of Glammorgan abruptly relocated to a northern county. While records are not clear, during the tumult of this transition, the reclusive Vivito Volare and his Lady, the Dame Fogwoman Gray laid a decisive claim over the island.

Caer Firnas 1 23 12 001

The train station anchors one end of the island, with its bridge and tunnel connecting Caer Firnas to the rest of Caledon.

Caer Firnas 1 23 12 002

Although the Volares are not present as often as they once were, their touch can still be seen - for example, in the seasonal decorations that still adorned the island when I visited. The midwinter sun hung low in the sky as I took the above picture, casting the trees in an eerie light.

Caer Firnas 1 23 12 003

The other feature of note is the mountain that can be seen everywhere in the duchy. It is hollow in the center - man-made, or from volcanic activity? Knowing Duke Vivito and Caledon, either explanation is possible.

Caer Firnas 1 23 12 004

Caer Firnas 1 23 12 005

Edit 2/10/12 7:47 pm: Sadly, a little birdie tweeted that the Volares may be abandoning Caer Firnas to the wilderness, so enjoy this corner of Caledon while you can!


mdme said...

Alas! The mysteries of Caer Firnas have always been a sweet exclamation point to the Sculpty Isles in the South.

Even more so I miss the Lady Foggy and Prof Volare and wish them well.

Rhianon Jameson said...

I do hope that only the isle is disappearing, not its owners!