Saturday, February 4, 2012

Travelogue: Oxbridge Village

Adjacent to stately Oxbridge lies Oxbridge Village. The area seemed designed as a place where the students and dons in Oxbridge could relax and shop. More residential than it once was, the area is still home to a number of fine shops, including BlakOpal, M'Lady, Montagne Noire, and the Overland Trail Shop. Sadly, Thistle Hill and its shops appears to have disappeared.

The center of the area is the village square, surrounded by an iron fence.

Oxbridge Village 1 13 12 001

Inside, I found Rudolph, resting from his Christmas journey!

Oxbridge Village 1 13 12 002

As for refreshment, the Pub Dodo Redux is centrally located, though I must say the bartender takes more than his share of space behind the bar.

Oxbridge Village 1 13 12 003

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