Sunday, September 16, 2012

Travelogue: Victorian Garden

Past the spires of Caledon Oxbridge lies the pastoral area known as Victorian Garden. Owned by Miss Panacea Luminos, this private estate has become home to…well, perhaps the pictures will help.

The path from Oxbridge leads to a stone wall and a narrow gap. In the distance stands a stone carriage house.

Victorian Garden 8 31 12 001

On top of the carriage house stands a guardian of the estate:

Victorian Garden 8 31 12 002

The house and grounds are designated private areas, so I did not go beyond the carriage house. An aerial photograph of the site revealed one secret, however: a stately manor and more dragons!

Victorian Garden 8 31 12 003

No word on whether the creatures are friendly. I beat a hasty retreat through the stone wall, back to Oxbridge.

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