Monday, August 2, 2010

Going Medieval

One of the delights of searching the large Map of our world is that one occasionally stumbles upon other lands of interest. Placing "Caledon" in the search box leads the Analytical Engine of Linden Lab to report several lands beyond our own. One of those is named Caledonia. Curiosity got the better of me, so I paid a visit.

As it turns out, Caledonia is an immersive medieval role-playing sim. The introductory notecard starts out: "The year is approximately 570 AD. The old King of Caledonia has called for his son (Parker Tylman) and daughter (Eryn Riler) to return to the place of their birth. He calls in his nephew (Eamonn Mactavish) and niece (Lorelay Melody) so that they are first to hear the news." The lengthy card continues to tell a tale in which the aging King desires his son to assume the throne and find husbands for the daughter and niece. The nephew suggests a concern that the son is unready for such a role, and the niece would perhaps prefer a husband of her own choosing. Presumably, much intrigue follows from there.

The sim itself is a pretty place, though it looks far too tidy to be a sixth century European town. (Give me a nice Victorian RP environment; at least there is indoor plumbing.)

Above, "Stinky Pete's, Where ya always smell better than yer horse." Well, it's marketing, I suppose. Below, the castle.

The lion and shield statue is a nice touch.

If medieval role playing is your thing, grab your sword and head to Caledonia. And who knows? You may find yourself married to the former King's niece. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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