Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In SouthEnd

Mr. Denver Hax has returned from what I gather was self-imposed exile. This is a Good Thing, because Caledon can never have too many scary, possibly slightly deranged, people who create terrifying creatures. And, frankly, things have been a little slow lately. In the Steamlander forums, Mr. Hax inquired about the availability of land and purchased a small plot in SouthEnd and another in Tamrannoch (I believe).

I strolled to SouthEnd to see if Mr. Hax was At Home, as it were, which he was not. However, I noted a fair number of changes to the landscape, starting with the home of the Caledon Institute of Hypnotic Phenomenon Research, owned by Mr. Kalisten VanDornan:

I looked about, but was not, in fact, hypnotized. No clucking like a chicken for me, thank you. Sadly, the Institute is on the site of the old firing range, and I fear that between the loss of the range and of Dame Ordinal's pudding-tossing machine my skills will diminish.

Next to NachtMusik is the home of Miss Lenny Kenyon.

Mr. Lance Dionysus has a small house in front of Bygone Beauty and next to Oblonski's furniture store:

SouthEnd is also a stop in the route of the Sumie K. of the Caledon Air Transport fleet; the Sumie K. had just docked when I arrived:

Next to Pearse'd & Cut is the home of Miss True Irelund. On the other side of Pearse'd & Cut is a vacant lot owned by Miss Garnet Psaltery, so I shall look forward to seeing the lot develop according to Miss Psaltery's latest plans.

The SouthEnd Baths is an establishment owned by Mr. Alix Stoanes, Austral's Governor-General:

More to my dissolute style is the Evergreen Pub, across the street from the Baths, and owned by Mr. Danko Whitfield. The pub was in the process of being set up when I visited, but I have no doubt that the spirits will be flowing soon!

Miss Shilan Folger owns Port Royal Imports, another fine furniture store (along with previously-mentioned Oblonski):

Next to the carousel and the sweets shop, at the end of the lane, is the home of Mr. Roy Smashcan:

Miss Audrey Fotherington has her Auds N Ends store for tinies here:

I paused to sit and admire the view in Calimari Park, owned by Miss Riven Homewood.

Miss Muse Carmona owns the small but relaxing islet dubbed Muse Isle, with its inviting cup of tea, green apple, and the most odd sign (seen in the background, next to the tree) that displays messages purported to be from the Aether. As I see no wires, I am skeptical of the claim, but the message board does change from time to time.

Across from Calimari Park is the home of Miss Elda Luna. (I hope Miss Luna does not think me excessively rude, for she was At Home when I passed by, but by then I was in quite a hurry and failed to stop for the customary pleasantries.)

After that recitation, I feel quite exhausted! Indeed, after that stroll I was overcome by the need for a medicinal brandy and a lengthy nap, so I returned to my cottage in the Downs via the direct route, jotting down a note to return shortly to see if I could find the original object of my quest.

[Though published under Kathy's name, it is indeed Rhianon sitting in the bar. I merely borrowed Kathy's account during last week's power outage. - RJ]

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