Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Duchy of Burroughs

Dr. Garth Goode is now His Grace, Duke of Burroughs, having purchased the Duchy of Cafall from the Nachts and renamed it. (I heard the name and, for whatever odd reason, thought: William Burroughs, Mr. Naked Lunch, Mr. Shot-His-Wife-Playing-Games. Then I saw the place, slapped my head, and said, "Oh, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Mr. Barsoom!")

I visited the island in my little runabout aircraft that Miss Ilsa Munro built and dubbed the Barsoom Express, doubtless in homage to Mr. Burroughs because of the cavorite-powered vertical propulsion unit. Other than shaky sim crossings, I made excellent time and landed next to a much larger - dare I say space-worthy? - ship.

Indeed, the Martian connection becomes more obvious when reading the signs in the central part of the duchy, one of which offers to transport the viewer to see a simulated Martian landing:

Floating above the sea is the Laboratory in the Sky (complete with a small observatory):

Inside, power cables run hither and yon, control panels flash warning lights, and various experiments are in progress. The small clank below is apparently some sort of communications robot, with expertise in Martian. (Did I hear its name was Artoo something?)

More ominous is the experiment involving electricity, reanimation serum, and a corpse. The empty slab looks particularly disturbing. I quickly retraced my steps and returned below.

Dr. Goode's Sprockets nightclub has been transported to the duchy and now occupies its own small island, connected via bridge:

A scientific museum is under construction. Given the experiments I witnessed in the overhead Laboratory, I look forward to the opening of the museum with no little trepidation!

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