Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nemo - The Floating City

I was quite impressed with the earlier part of the Nemo build (see here and here), so I was very much looking forward to visiting the newest addition, the sky city. I was not disappointed.

Next to the arrival point is a small airship, promising a tour of the area. I eagerly jumped in, and the airship started to rise. It took me throughout the surface city, including over the enormous airship still in drydock:

Then the ship continued rising. I stifled my alarm - I had planned to see a sky city, had I not? - and tried to relax as the ground receded. Soon the city loomed above me, held aloft by a combination of large balloons and rotors.

Below, a closeup of one of the great rotors:

I left the small airship and set out to explore the city. First, there was the amazing brass telescope:

I had my choice of destinations. I first headed to the Space-o-Rama Theater...

...where I sat and watched a display of the heavens. The large machine below rotates to give the audience different views.

Miss Capalini, of New Babbage, has a small store here featuring her music boxes.

Next up was the Steampunk Air Museum, filled with exemplars of airships. Though one cannot actually fly them (indoors? that would be silly), the visitor can start the engines and simulate flight.

Below, a sample of the airships in the museum:

I was back to the observatory, and my tour complete. Inside the observatory structure are dozens of stained-glass windows, with hanging, rotating panels that reflect the windows. Quite clever!

As with the earlier builds, the attention to detail is astonishing. Brass and rivets, signs of rust, intricate patterns in the metalwork: all creating a convincing Steampunk tableau. Mr. Sextan Shepard has done it again! The entire sim is a must-see for any Steampunk fan and, really, any aspiring builder.

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