Monday, August 30, 2010

Adieu Perenelle

Well, not adieu to the Duchy of Perenelle per se, but the duchy is for sale. Miss Kitsuko Pelazzi made the announcement in the Steamlander, noting that "Caledon Perenelle was going to be a place for social researchers to come and be introduced to Caledon and the steamlands," and this is reflected in the buildings designed for large public gatherings.

And, from an earlier, unpublished picture, the airship docked over the main hall (with the Hangover One above):

I wish Miss Pelazzi and Miss Steamweaver the best in whatever they choose to do next.

In other news, Miss Teaa Demina has sold the Duchy of Cavendish to Miss Soliel Snook; we hope to have pictures of any remodeling soon.

Relatedly, Guvnah Shang, noting the destabilizing effect selling large swaths of Caledon mainland in order to consolidate holdings in a duchy has on the already-weak land market, has with some reluctance imposed some limits on the sale of duchies. I applaud the decision, as it has been my observation that some purchasers of duchies have sold the land fairly soon thereafter, suggesting that all would have been better off with a lengthier period of reflection before taking the plunge into so much (un)real estate at once.


Miss D Ember said...

Love these pics. It was a charming duchy that may keep much of the flavor with the new duke.

Kathy Jameson said...

Thank you, Miss Ember! I don't know the new duke (though these days I assume that anyone with a recent rezday who commands the Guv's attention is really an old hand at this...perhaps someone I knew in a previous life? :) ), but I would enjoy seeing the rustic theme continue under new ownership.