Thursday, October 14, 2010

Caledon Downs in October: Quilts and More

When I returned from my time away, I was not surprised to see a number of new neighbors, as well as some vacant lots. Yes, that means it's once again time for my roundup of what's new in Caledon Downs.

First, however, Miss Audrey Fotherington has organized a quilt exhibition.

The quilts display a wide array of designs...

...including some well-known colors...

...displayed both outside and in.

Miss Fotherington also owns the property next door to mine on the Tamrannoch lake, previously owned by Mr. Thrice Skyward.

Miss Reghan Straaf's Hatpins store (which became the Hatpins outlet store) is now owned by Miss CeCe Bruissardt.

Miss Bruissardt is across the street from Miss SpinWeaver Radmussen, whose property has taken an Autumnal turn.

Around the corner is a property formerly occupied by Grandma's Graphics and now the residence of Mr. Titiro Arriager.

Near the South End border is Miss Kellen McKenna's store, the Saucy Snapdragon Breedables Shop. This seemed quite intriguing to me - dragons for sale in Caledon! - so I took the liberty of entering the shop.

For better or worse, the only animals for sale were small rabbits.

Near the Glengarry border, Miss True Irelund sold her property next to mine and purchased the former Steampunk Resource Centre location down the hill, along the lake. In addition, she purchased what was once Professor Swindlehurt's airship dock, extending her property into a lovely yard, with a small, well-cared-for house nestled against the hill.

Alas, the lot next door to mine is now vacant, as is Mr. Monty Streusel's former property. The Guvnah has spruced up both properties with trees and tall grasses, so the neighborhood still looks quite sharp.

My trip around the Downs complete, I sit at my desk, composing these notes.

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