Friday, October 8, 2010

Rothesay in September

(Yes, it is October now. This item was pushed back from a September publication date because of the breaking news of the New Toulouse hurricane and flood. - KJ)

This Journal has visited the Duchy of Rothesay numerous times in the past (most recently here, with memorable visits here, here, and here). It is a lovely spot, easily accessible from Victoria City, with large, stately mansions and elegant gardens. My past visit, in early September, was no different - except, of course, that some occupants had changed.

I start with Miss Savanna Blindside's Blind Faith Manor in the Duchy of Clarendon:

Note the formal gardens to the right.

Below is the unmistakeable front of Carntaigh Court, in Miss Gabrielle Riel's Duchy of Carntaigh.

The large fountain (below) is the centerpiece of an elegantly-manicured garden.

Laird Brideswell, Elrik Merlin, continues to reside on the last remaining original plot in Rothesay, in Brideswell Estate:

Another newcomer is Mr. Blake Panache, owner of Blakefield Manor (still under construction when I visited).

Exciting times in Rothesay!

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