Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Mulberry Horror

When Miss Emilly Orr declares a haunted house to be disturbing, it's a must-see. I traveled to the Mulberry Horror Event to see what the scare was about.

The sign below is just about the first thing I saw: "In case of zombies...please break glass." The pistol thoughtfully came with ammunition, though I had had the foresight to bring my own.

The zombies were not long in arriving. My eyes were drawn to the wrecked car and the bloody body on the road, so it took me a moment to see the figures shambling toward me. I drew my Colt and fired. One went down* and the others scattered, giving me time to make my way past them.

But perhaps zombies are not the worst thing that one can find...

The school house had turned into a slaughterhouse. Police tape, desks in disarray, a tiny chalk outline, and blood, blood everywhere.

The house was next, but it was clear that whatever had happened in the school also happened inside here. Written on the wall, in blood: "When you left you ripped out my heart. Now we are even." The shrouded corpse indicated the writer was telling the truth.

Nor was the church a sanctuary.

Inside, a monstrous creature guarded the pagan symbols.

I turned to flee, but I was pointedly stopped.**

The hospital was equally corpse-ridden.

The fair was a carnival of doom...

...and the woods held terrifying creatures that no man had ever before seen.

The Mulberry Horror is far more than a haunted house: it's an entire sim of creepiness. The ambient sounds add to the skin-crawling nature of the walk, and the narrow passages inside each of the buildings contributes to the claustrophobic feeling. Outside, the fog and thick trees are equally atmospheric. A well-done Halloween treat!

*Actually, sadly not. The damn things were un-killable. What a shame.

**Yes, I know, a bad pun. And look at that dress! You'd think I would have the sense to wear something a little more practical to a haunting. I don't think the blood stains will ever come out.

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HeadBurro Antfarm said...

hehe, what a great sim! I love horror sim (unsurprisingly enough :-D )