Friday, October 22, 2010

Caledon Harvest Festival

A somewhat belated report...

Caledon's fourth annual Harvest Festival was held from October 8 to 10 in Caledon Rothesay.

A variety of businesses set up temporary shop, along with a kissing booth, a dunking booth, and tarot reading. This being Caledon, there were dances in the evenings.

One of the attractions was Mr. Denver Hax's Wild Cavorite Ride. (I am told that negotiations are underway for hosting this ride on a semi-permanent basis. This will surely solve any overpopulation crisis in the realm.) One travels up to the platform base and entered the chamber. As the ride starts, one is dropped unceremoniously into a sphere-shaped capsule. The capsule is then launched, and the aptly-named wild ride begins.

One time I visited a neighboring sim; another time I vanished off the edge of the world and was logged out. Barring the unexpected log-out, the ride always ends the same way: with the capsule crashing down to earth. It's a good thing I have extra padding!

I can only hope the harvest was good this year, because I'm hungry!

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